Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 09

We were so excited this year that we would be able to take Rylee to the pumpkin patch. So as soon as it opened we went. Our first visit was with our mom's group. We had a great time riding the train (Rylee loved it- i think it was her favorite part of the day, going to the petting zoo, and finally playing with the huge pumpkins. We had a really nice picnic under the apple trees and then packed up and headed home. It was a great first trip to the pumpkin patch.

While Rylee and I were there we realized (ok I realized) we had to get the extra large pumpkins- the ones that need a fork lift to be picked up. So we knew this would be a job for daddy. so the next day we headed off to the pumpkin patch with daddy and mema in tow.

This time we started with a picnic next to the Koi pond and then took a tour of the farm. Then it was off to find the perfect pumpkins. After searching high and low we found two HUGE pumpkins. So Chris headed off to get the man the drives the tractor to lift them and put them in his truck. While he did that MeMa and I took advantage of taking lots of pictures of Rylee playing in the pumpkins. On the way out we had to stop at the bakery and get some delicious carmel apples and apple bread. Then it was off for naps.

Overall, I think Rylee enjoyed her first trip to the pumpkin patch. I can't wait to see her reaction next year when she can run all around. Oh boy I think we will be in trouble. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PJ day at the tomaszewski crib

A few days after Rylee got her flu shot she wasn't feeling 100% and the weather outside was cold and drizzly so we decided it would be fun to have a PJ day. We hung out in our PJ's all day. It was alot of fun for both of us. But I have to say Rylee wins for cutest PJ ensemble!

One last dip in our pool for the season!

Since the weather has been so weird we decided to take Rylee for one last dip in our pool before it gets to cold. We wanted to practice her swimming skills. So off to teh backyard we go. I should tell you that the pool where she takes her lessons is a cool 90 degrees every week. So as we put her in our 72 degree pool we see this shocked look come over her face and almost instantly she pulls her feet up as far as she could. Chris and I laugh and say we should still try. Oh no was our little princess going in the 70 degree water. she held on to Chris with her death grip- including wrapping her legs around his arms and gripping with her toes. so we decided not to torture her and decided to try the spa. It was a cool 80. She seemed to think it was more manageable because she actually got wet. She swam a few laps and then decided she was ready to dry off. Poor girl has no idea that her pool will rarely be 90!!!

Rylee can pull herself up!!

Yes, you read write- she can pull herself up to a standing position all by herself. Our little baby girl is growing up so fast. The first time it happened- Chris was watching her and she woke up from her nap and when he walked in there she was standing up waiting for us. It melted his heart and broke mine because I missed it. But now that is how we find her every morning- standing, waiting for us and then when we walk in she starts smiling, laughing and moving her legs with excitement. It is the cutest thing ever. She now pulls herself up all over the house. In the last two days she has conquered the couch- the end tables- coffee table- her high chair- the fridge- anything that she can possible climb she climbs. Our home is now officially baby proofed!:)

8 months!!

So I am a little behind on this...I don't have many of Rylee's 8 month pics on this computer but I do have this one. This pretty much explains the photoshoot. She was so excited to eat the sticker that we didn't get many. But she is still the cutest:)

At 8 months:

Weighs: around 19lbs
Wears a size 3 diaper
Wears 6-12 month clothes

Loves her swimming lessons and being in the water. This has been a great daddy and me bonding time.

Can go from laying down to sitting with no help.

Loves Mema's dog Bella- they are BFF!!

Is super talkative-she loves yayayaya!! I think there has been a few dadas. I am patiently working on mama!!!

Still loves her Bob stroller- the free air, the ability to stand in it and hold on, and the freedom to look around. She is not so much in love with the Bugaboo- to restricting.

Eats two meals a day- breakfast and dinner. She is loving all of the different varities of homemade food we make.

Still takes two naps- ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Usually 30 minutes.
Loves to play peek-a-boo. Especially when we put her down for her naps and hid her face with her blanket.

Stood hanging on to the ottoman for a few minutes all by herself.

Loves her blankies in her crib.

Sleeping around 12 hours a night!! Priceless!!!
Is the cutest baby ever!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Her first teeth and scooting around!!

Our first family bike ride

We finally got all the pieces we needed for our bike trailer and decided to take Rylee for her first bike ride around the block. So we buckled her in, threw in a few toys and off we went. We went about half a mile and Rylee decided she did not like it. So we stopped, repositioned her and tried again. No luck! So we headed back home. So although it wasn't a huge success we did get her in it and we will have to keep trying.

Ready and excited about her new ride!!

all buckled up and ready to go!!